"These Mornings" by Richard Wehrman

Living gratefully today, I am savoring the morning's first cup of coffee and the soothing sound of the fountain on our patio. 

I also savored the poem "These Mornings"  by Richard Wehrman for a second time, after reading it yesterday when it arrived in my email. I encourage you to pause right now, click the link, and read it yourself. 

What did you think? 

I am a morning person. I love the early time of day and appreciate summer when I get to more fully experience the break of dawn and the coming light. The seasons come and go, the light changes; I change, or not. And the mornings keep coming, with their new possibilities and fresh batch of hope. 

I am a morning person through and through. Richard Wehrman captures the beauty and joy of this time of day so well. These lines especially resonated with me:

Beauty flows fresh . . . 

All around me the treasures of the soul have gathered as beings . . .

This! This! This! 

Mornings are when I tend to have more mental and emotional clarity. When I do my most-inspired writing. When I feel closest to Great Spirit. Thank you Richard Wehrman for your beautiful words. 

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The sun is coming up here. I paused to welcome it. It's the same sun, but it's a new day. Have a good one!