Music on the Run: A Poem

Living gratefully, I give thanks for the time I had with my dear friend Jenny yesterday. Heartfelt conversation and a nice walk were treats. 

I also give thanks, in advance, for the run I will soon be taking this Saturday morning. I have headed out for hundreds of Saturday morning runs. They have not only been physical activity, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual.  The strides come easier some days than others, but they always carry me to a better place in one way or another.

This poem came to me on a run the other day: 

Music on the Run

I used to prefer 
music piped in 
through my ears 
to calm my thinking 
and help me 
keep pace.

Now I choose 
a quiet mind 
and open heart, 
inviting new 
music and words 
at their own pace. 


It reflects how both my running and I have evolved. I run free of any headphones or other technology, other than my simple pedometer and basic running watch. It is in part for safety reasons, and also for sacred reasons--welcoming Nature, fresh thoughts, and genuine feelings as I move my arms and legs in bilateral rhythm. 

I sometimes miss the music from other sources, but have really come to look forward to what will emerge from within while I am out on a run. As I age, it is less about the running pace I set and more about setting the intention for peace of mind.