Today I am grateful for my favorite coffee mugs and the fresh coffee that goes in them. I am also grateful for our dog Oliver and the morning time the two of us share.

I heard the word heart-rest the other day. What a nice word. I like to look up words in the dictionary, even if I know the meaning. It brings more depth of understanding and gives my writer's mind more fodder to compose with. Heart-rest isn't a word you will come across in most dictionaries. It's more defined by each individual.

It isn't the resting heart rate of physical exercise. It is the peace and calm that are needed when a difficult time is past, or still unfolding. It is the rejuvenation that is required when heavy emotions have been playing out and processing over time. It is a break from thoughts that may be troubling or full of fear and worry.

It is a pause, a sigh, a deep breath in and out. It can be a stroll in early morning, or a few minutes sitting and doing nothing. It is listening to my own heart, or listening to others with my heart and ears.

Heart-rest. To me, today, it is taking some brief pauses in a busy time and reminding myself that contrary to what my overthinking brain might be saying, there is much good going on. Living gratefully in the moment is heart-rest. There is faith, hope, and love in my life and in the people I surround myself with.

That is enough. That is more than enough. That is heart-rest.