The Big C

Today I am grateful for modern medicine and the options people have for help when sick or injured. I am also grateful that the sun is out this morning and there is hope in the light it brings.

Cancer. Damn cancer. On a good day, it only lurks in the far recesses of my mind. My scars are a familiar part of me. My health is never taken for granted. I try to have healthy habits and take life-sustaining actions each day.

But cancer is very wily, very mysterious. Evil. Our own cells turning on us, sometimes taking parts of us, sometimes taking all. It is non-discriminatory and nobody asks for it. It can happen in anyone and it is not fair in any way, shape, or form.

It spreads fear and dread, just like it spreads abnormal cells and creates tumors. Each day around the world, people face new diagnoses, surgeries, treatment, and death at the hands of cancer.

Recently, it has moved from the recesses of my mind to the front again, loud and glaring. Last year, my sister Leonice faced a cancer diagnosis, the fourth sister to hear such news. Just a week ago, my sister Mary Jo learned that she had metastatic breast cancer. You want to talk about unfair? She had breast cancer in 2006, a primary lung cancer in 2010, and now the breast cancer has spread.

A breast cancer support group connection has advanced cancer as well. A recovering friend's wife has surgery today to address her advanced cancer. My sister's friend is in failing health because of his cancer's spread. The Big C, doing some big damage.

And yet, there is hope in each day. It's all any of us get. Cancer or no cancer. Mary Jo is facing her biggest fear and is still able to express gratitude. Gratitude for the love and support she feels. Gratitude that the diagnosis wasn't more dire, as metastatic lung cancer would have been.

There have already been dark days and there are more dark days ahead. But there is also light. The light of life, of love. Just for today.


  1. Yes, cancer sucks. And still there is support, hope etc. Thanks.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I am sorry to hear about Mary Jo's metastatic breast cancer diagnosis and yes, talk about unfair. May that light of life and love carry you and your dear ones through all that is ahead.

    1. Thank you Nancy. She has begun on the combo targeted therapies of Aromasin and Afinitor and we hope she gets some symptom relief. Take care.


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