Today I am grateful for those who take time to read my blog. I am also grateful for the healing power of sharing with others our joys and our struggles.

INTENTIONAL is a loaded word. It can have many negative connotations. Someone intentionally hurt someone else. Just read the news and you will see harmful intentions left and right. They "did it on purpose" or "deliberately."

It is too easy individually and collectively to shake our heads at all the negative we can point to and get weighed down by it all. Let us not forget the many wonderful things done for us and by us each day; things done on purpose and deliberately to share love, joy, caring, concern, laughter. I also try not to forget a Higher Power who is instrumental in all of these good intentions. I am not immune to difficulties and struggles, I just feel better equipped to face them and work through them. For that, I am deeply grateful.

Intentional can also be defined as "conscious, meant, purposeful, studied." That makes my regular practice of gratitude a very intentional process. I started this blog in March of 2012. Little did I know how much it would teach me, how much I would grow as a writer and in gratefulness and mindfulness.

One of my intentions was to reach others with what I believe to be a valuable message and practice. I have a new reader at Rethink Street and I appreciate her recent mention of my blog. We have never met and she lives in another country, but we have connected on the shared topic of gratitude. Our individual intentions have added to a collective that is bigger than each of us.What a cool thing to be part of!

I remain intentional in my gratitude practice. Some days are easier than others, but because of habit and intention, no day is too difficult to find some gratitude.

What are my positive intentions today? What are yours? Onward!