Today I am grateful for reasonable and rational thoughts and actions. I am also grateful for more rest and sleeping in a bit.

INCH is the word I want to blog about today. I am thinking of the inch or two of snow predicted for us today. I enjoy walking in falling snow and also shoveling it. There is a peace in the quiet of falling snow and a wonder in the beauty of it. I also have deep gratitude to be able-bodied and healthy enough to shovel snow.

I am thinking about the saying "Yard by yard, life is hard. Inch by inch, life's a cinch." It is on the medicine cabinet in one of the bathrooms at my mom's house, along with several other sayings. This one really resonates with me. Just for today. Stay in today. Take life one day at a time. Do the next right thing. Let go of yesterday's regrets and tomorrow's fears.

Inch by inch, I can make it through difficult times and good times. Inch by inch, I can make a difference in my own day and the day of those around me. Present. Mindful.

Inch by inch, I keep practicing gratitude and reaping the many benefits that come.

Consider slowing down and noticing what "inch by inch" can feel like today.


  1. I like that thought. Just mentioned you on my blog by the way! I hope the snow's not too disruptive - if it came. It's not too cold here in England, but very windy.

  2. Thanks for the mention on Rethink Street! The snow missed us, so it looks like a brown Christmas this year. Sooner or later, opportunities to shovel will come along.
    Hang on to your hat and Merry Christmas!


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