Today I am grateful for stability in many forms. I am also grateful for the role of discipline in my life.

No doubt about it. I am a DISCIPLINED individual. It has served me well in many areas of my life. Habit. Regular practice. Commitment. Consistency. Dedication.These are all part of having discipline.

It isn't always fun or easy being disciplined, and some days I "act as if." Some days my discipline can be exhausting. But years of experience have taught me and proven to me that if I keep taking right actions, my thoughts follow. And that is what I most need to discipline-my thoughts. They are both my savior and my downfall. Discipline makes the difference between a smooth trip of a day and a train wreck of a day.

My discipline begins with recovery from alcoholism and daily prayer and meditation. Recovery discipline for me also requires regular connections with others in recovery. They are "God with skin on" for me.

Then there's running discipline. I have never found it too difficult to summon the motivation to start out on a run. There may be days when it is a little tougher, but I know I will feel better across the realms of health if I get a run in. I am so grateful for the typical ease of my running commitment.

As I finish up my 10th gratitude journal and near my 900th blog post, the discipline of gratitude practice continues to evolve in my life. As Robert Louis Stevenson said in this recent quote from that 10th journal:

"Keep your eyes open to your mercies. The man who forgets to 
be thankful has fallen asleep in life."  

My life is full and rich in blessings. To fall asleep to those wonders and riches would be a pity. Discipline allows me to stay awake. 

What disciplines serve you well in your life? Where do you need more discipline?