Dead Serious, Serious Fun

Living gratefully today, I appreciate the cooler weather, slower pace to recent days, and daily recovery from alcoholism.

I composed this poem this morning, considering the crucial work of daily recovery for the daily disease of alcoholism and addiction.

Alcoholism is very cunning and powerful. It wants us to forget how deeply destructive it is and encourages us to escape in a few drinks. Conniving and convincing, it wraps itself in our thoughts and starts a downward spiral. It kills an estimated three million people worldwide each year. 

Unless. Unless we grab on to the lifeboat offered, sometimes many times before we ever surrender and climb in. Before we learn that daily surrender is necessary. And so is hard work. Our own work. 

Dead serious work indeed. Unlike the utter loneliness and despair of active alcoholism though, active recovery brings serious fun and amazing connections. With others. With a patient and kind Higher Power. 

Liberation looks and feels like shared laughter, courage, joy in the mundane, gratefulness for another chance. It looks like the smiles reflected back in the faces of the recovery friends surrounding us. What a gift! Just for today . . .