Fresh Eyes

Living gratefully today, I appreciate the sturdy steps in our home and the different levels that provide us space and openness. I also appreciate my eyesight and the glasses that help me see better.

The "Daily Question" at  a few days ago was:

What can I look at with fresh eyes today? 

Gratefulness provides vision and clarity that we otherwise miss. A pause is all it takes. Following are a couple of things I recently gave fresh eyes. 

The grocery list. Ours starts to look pretty similar from week to week.  What about looking at it as a labor of love? I am buying for my husband and son, for the meals we will share and the ones we will prepare on our own. We have money, stores to shop at, transportation, physical capabilities,  a refrigerator, cupboard space, stove, pots and pans, and more. Fresh eyes fuel gratitude.

Our driveway....I shovel it, back down it, drive up it, head in and out of the garage. It is a starting point for walks in all kinds of weather, trips near and far, and a lovely welcome back home after a few hours at work or a few days in another state. Fresh eyes build a positive perception.

What will you take the time to see with fresh eyes today?