Feed Every Corner

Living gratefully in this moment, I am aware of my eyes and their ability to see, my hands and their ability to move and type, my lungs and their capacity to breathe in and out.

"Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life."  

This quote, just fourteen words total, carries much more depth than it does length. Embracing a sense of awe, pausing in mindful presence, drawing on gratefulness for the current gifts I am enjoying, does warm me, hearten me. Much as the coat I had on and the walk I just took with our dog.

I believe that gratefulness is always possible. I believe that full attention to the present can't help but reveal amazing treasures and insights. Around every corner, grace and humility wait.

Even the dark corners, especially the dark corners. Gratefulness illuminates the next step and soothes the pain, helping us see our way out and move in the right direction. At the most difficult, trying times, when deep despair may be what we feel, the time we have spent living gratefully will be there. It will shore us up, strengthen us, guide us in our next steps.

I believe this. I know this in my heart, because I have lived it.

Today I will wear gratitude like a cloak; a soft and gentle cloak that fortifies me from the inside out and from the outside in.