Gratitude Walk

Today I am grateful for rest--to renew my body and spirit. I am also grateful for daily hugs with my son.

I had one of those days yesterday where I didn't feel very grateful and I didn't want to feel grateful. I wanted to feel sorry for myself and be cynical. What's the use? Who cares? I'll spare you the details, but I believe the Tamoxifen I take for breast cancer treatment deepens my PMS symptoms and I can have a day like I did yesterday. Lacking energy, lacking hope, lacking perspective. It's a physical and emotional combination and it's not fun.

Thankfully, I recognize it for what it is, ride it out, and try to keep my mouth shut more. This morning I decided that I needed a gratitude walk when I took Oliver out. Here are some of the things I am grateful for:

*The coming daylight is one of my favorite times of day; the moon glow was fading and the pink skies welcoming the sun were growing.
*My legs and feet and their ability to carry me; I simply put my shoes on and headed out the door, something that Adrianne Haslet-Davis and other Boston bombing victims can't do right now.
*The song of various birds; I marvel at the variety of sounds that can come from such a variety of birds.
*The vet clinic that is just a mile away; I took Oliver in yesterday and he has his first ear infection. They are good with him and clear in their instructions to us. I appreciate that and appreciate that our town provides almost all the services we need.
*I didn't have to wear a hat and gloves this morning; spring is finally showing itself and we'll be able to run this morning in lighter attire. I wish we were seeing more green, but we will sure appreciate it when it arrives.
*The trail that keeps Oliver and I safe and off the streets; we are fortunate to live across the street from a portion of our city's trail system. We use it often.

I encourage you to take a gratitude walk today. Write down what you see. Share it with someone. Or simply appreciate it for what it is.