Christmas Joy Reigns Over Pandemic

Today I am grateful for holiday traditions that remind us of what matters most--the people we love and the time together. And the people here in spirit, heartstrings still attached. 

Yes, it's been an interesting year. Yes, the pandemic has impacted us all and put limits on what we would like to freely do over the holidays.  But . . . and it's a big but . . . Love wins. It always does.

And Christmas joy reigns, even in a pandemic year. 

Here are a few doses of that Christmas joy. First a picture from our holiday hearth. The bowl in the foreground a family treasure, the nutcrackers in the background a nod to our son Sam who really liked them when he was little. The lighting brings joy to me with the warm comfort it exudes. 

Next, I am happy to share a poem recently written by my sister Ruth:

The Anti-Hallmark Movie

Quiet on the set.

Did I wake trapped
in a Hallmark movie?
Fresh snowfall overnight
Presents under the tree
Cookies on the counter
No Hallmark movie here.

Our family Christmas will be
loud, chaotic and messy,
with an abundance of
laughter and love.

In this thing called life
I’m here to tell you (nod to Prince)
We have only
One take
No redos
So embrace the imperfections
Enjoy the messiness

Life, Take One
Exit left

Ruth Busta 12/20 

Well-said Ruth! Thank you for the reminder to embrace who and what matters most, today and every day. 
In all our human frailties and messiness is the stuff that brings true joy. 

And in closing, a quote from the benevolent heart of Brother David Steindl-Rast and A Network for Grateful

The greatest gift one can give is thanksgiving. In giving gifts, we give what we can spare, 
but in giving thanks we give ourselves.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this day!
Happy day to all, wherever and however you are embracing it!
Gratitude shared is gratitude multiplied . . .